June 14-16 The Science of Lactation and Infant Feeding

June 21-23 The Art of Lactation Support

CLAP Lactation Training / Exam Review Course in Denver, CO
Continuing Education

-25 hours of lactation specific education in each course (50 in both courses)

-Practice Exam on last day of final course

-Hands-on activities and skills practice on Zoom

-Warm, caring learning environment

-Thorough exam review for those preparing for IBLCE exam


- $350 a la carte cost for each class separately

- $550 USD early bird registration for both classes before 06/01/2021

- $675 USD standard registration for both classes 06/01-06/11/2021.

- Registration closes 06/11/2021 at midnight


​- Breastfed and chestfed babes in arms warmly welcomed.

- Days run 8:00-5:00

-Course in June, 2021 will be live, in-person on the Metro Campus in downtown Denver

-A large file ~10GB will be downloaded with course resources. You will need space on a cloud or hard or flash drive to save these materials. All course materials are proprietary and normal copyright laws apply.

Scholarship Information

The Community Lactation Access Project (CLAP) recognizes the existing institutional and racial barriers to access lactation education and training in the United States. We also recognize the predominant white culture which presently exists in lactation education and training spaces. The lack of access to lactation professionals in minority communities has contributed to lower rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration. We believe lactation support and education is  vital, and is best received when people share culture and community. 

CLAP is offering both full and partial scholarships to people who self-identify as;  People of Color (POC), Indigenous, Latinx, and LBGTQ+. Contact us at communitylactationproject@gmail.com with questions and for a link to the scholarship application (verbal applications also are accepted, email or call to arrange).


As of 04/28/2021, scholarship positions in the this year's trainings are available.

Lactation Training